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Old Christmas trees bring bad luck

A Feng Shui expert has called on Filipinos to replace old and torn Christmas trees because it will not bring good luck to the household or office.

“As much as possible, our Christmas tree is new. If it’s heavily fixed with scotch tape, rope, or thread, it will not bring positive energy anymore. I suggest that we replace our Christmas tree every after two years,” said Master Hanz Cua during an exclusive interview in Mandaluyong City last Monday.

But Cua said that we can still use if the Christmas tree really still looks beautiful, clean, and perfect.

“When you see a Christmas tree, you should be attracted to its beauty. It should make you smile or feel happy. Parang feel mo magpa-picture kasama ang Christmas tree. Pero pag-dilapidated na, mukhang luma na at niremedyuhan na lang, hindi na swerte ‘yan,” said Cua, who will launch his new book entitled “Master Hanz Cua 2017 Feng Shui” published by ABS CBN.

Cua said that this year, the Christmas tree is lucky if it is placed in the southwest, west, south, and east directions of your home or office. It should not be displayed under the stairs, near the kitchen, or in an area fronting the comfort room.

“The Christmas tree should be displayed in a place where it will not move like when you open the door or when children play around. It should be stable,” said Cua.

A Christmas tree should also represent the elements of fire, wood, earth, water, and metal, he said.

“A Christmas tree should have lights which represent the fire element. Mas maganda kung different colors. Then the color green represents wood element. We should also place crystals that signify earth element. The colors blue, black and purple represent water element while Christmas balls are for metal element,” said Cua, who regularly appears on the Kapamilya morning show “Umagang Kay Ganda.”