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Duterte sees better ties with Singapore

SINGAPORE – President Duterte has expressed confidence that the relationship between the Philippines and Singapore will elevate to greater heights as he embarked on a state visit here Thursday.

In a speech during the state banquet hosted by Singaporean President Tony Tan Keng Yam, Duterte said he came here “to renew and reaffirm the friendship and cooperation between the nations and its peoples.”

He called Singapore a “close partner and friend” and said he is looking forward to seeing “more facets of cooperation” to the two countries’ now multi-dimensional relations.

“We work closely on political issues, pursuing principled positions on the rule of law in the peaceful settlement of disputes. We reaffirm, respect independence, and the non-interference in the internal affairs of states,” Duterte said.

Duterte highlighted the two nations’ commitment to make the Association of Southeast Asian Nations region and beyond “safe and secure from traditional, emerging transnational threats.”

“We are championing diversity and making sure that dialogue between religions and faiths form the bedrock of a peaceful society. We are advancing growth by further intensifying two-way trade and commerce. We are expanding the opportunities for investments to flourish in both our countries,” he said. “Indeed, we have done much and we can do more,” Duterte continued.

Duterte said two-way trade and commerce will be further intensified to improve growth. He added that opportunities are being broadened so both countries can attract increased investments.

The Chief Executive noted that the presence of 180,000 Filipinos is a testimony of an enduring relationship between the Philippines and Singapore. “I say tonight we can and should look forward to a future of greater mutually beneficial collaboration. This is a future we can start, chart together, and aim to achieve. This is how friends should be,” he said. (Elena L. Aben)

  • babart-gay

    talagang change is coming hangagat si Duterte ang umuupo bilang leader sa bansa natin magiging maayos ang lahat at tlagang may pgbabago

  • Rox{rey}

    kung patuloy tyo maniniwala sa kakayahan ni DUterte panigurado na ang magandang pagbabago ng buhy ng bwat isa dito sa pinas.

  • toni Lorenz

    tandaan natin kung wala ang pangulo hanggang ngayon wala pa rin na solusyon sa problema ng bansa natin!

  • briel

    maganda yan kung tuloy ang magandang samahan natin sa singapore

    • terb

      yes tama ka dyan..galing mo tlga digong

  • jack

    let president duterte handle ito,he knows what his doing.

  • peter

    lagi namang kpakanan natin ang iniisip ni duterte,kylangan din natin na suportahan sya sa kanyang mga plano para sa ating bnsa.

  • jasemakatzki

    suportahan nalang natin si president digong

  • BratznatzYY

    imbis na ginagawan nyo sya ng issue suportahan nalang natin ang pangulo.