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Foods that signal Christmas

For this Saturday’s continuing ‘Yummy’ episode, Gandang Ricky Reyes Todo na Toh (GRR TNT), gives us mouth-watering foods of the season.

Christmas in the Philippines is never without yummy bibingka and puto bumbong, which are associated with Simbang Gabi

Check out Kuya Jun’s Bakeshop which makes Parol Cakes in different designs and flavors.

The Du30 Cabinet Spouses Association in partnership with the Metro Manila Mayor’s Spouses Foundation launches 4R Home (Reform, Recharge, Re-educate, Re-integrate) Program, for Filipino indigents who voluntarily surrendered and cannot afford rehab center fees. 4R Home will help them go through reformation to become productive citizens again.

Meanwhile, hair problems will be solved in all Gandang Ricky Reyes Salons with the following treatments: Regold for kinky hairs, SoftWave for dull hair, and natural wigs for hair loss.

Also featured is the Ricky Reyes Learning Institute (RRLI) with branches in Manila, Cubao, Anonas, and Fairview.

All these and more today, 9-10 am with host Ricky Reyes in GRR TNT on GMA News TV.