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Lucky, unlucky gifts this holiday season


It’s the thought that counts, they say, but in feng shui, there are gifts which are considered lucky and unlucky during the holiday season, Master Hanz Cua said.

Cua said that the first gifts to be avoided during Christmas are empty wallets, briefcase, or purse. “It lacks prosperity. When you give a wallet, you put money inside. As much as possible the amount should end in number 8. Like P168, P188, P1,888 so on and so forth, so that the recipient will have wealth luck,” said Cua during an exclusive interview in Mandaluyong City.

The second gifts to be avoided are knives, scissors, or sharp objects. “It signifies closing of a relationship,” Cua said.

The third is bonsai tree. “It represents slow growth. It’s luckier if you will give healthy plants with rounded leaves for long life and prosperity.”

The fourth gift is clock, watch, or anything that shows time. “It symbolizes stealing time. If your loved ones really want a watch, give them gift certificates so that they can buy it themselves.”

The fifth gifts to be avoided are thorny plants. “It symbolizes piercing of relationship. If you want to give roses, then cut the thorns.”

Another gift to be avoided is handkerchief because it will bring tears to the giver and receiver. “It signifies sadness, frustration, and years of crying. Pero if you really want to give a handkerchief to your friends, wrap it with a sweet smelling soap to prevent bad feng shui.”

The seventh no-no gift is a pair of shoes. “The shoes represent unhappiness, sorrow, and bad luck to the receiver. If you get a pair of shoes, the receiver should give a small amount of money to the giver to contradict negative feng shui. You may also give a gift check to the receiver so that he could buy the shoes for himself.”

The eighth gift is those that contradict the animal sign of the receiver. “Snake opposes pig, dragon is against the dog, horse is against the rat sign, etc.”

The ninth unlucky gift is shirts or clothes bearing the images of skulls, skeletons, guns, or firearms. “They signify violence and death,” added Cua, who just launched his new book “Master Hanz Cua Feng Shui 2017.”

For single men and women, underwear or undies top the list of lucky gifts for Christmas, said Cua, who also regularly appears in the ABS-CBN morning show “Umagang Kay Ganda.”

“Red underwear for men and pink undies for women signify wonderful relationship. When you give it to them, you hope and pray that they will finally have a relationship,” he said.

To prevent third party in a relationship, give your friend a crystal amethyst, he said. “Then tell your female friend to tie it with a red thread and attach it on the foot part area of the bed where her partner sleeps.”

Other lucky charm gifts this year are images of dragon which is a secret friend of the incoming year of fire rooster and money cat which attracts wealth.

The elders may also give the children toys which tackle professions such as engineers, nurses, doctors, chefs, etc., and books and colorful pens for wisdom.

For good health, Cua suggested salt, incense, or air freshner as Christmas presents.

Cua also said that it is lucky for an elderly to give red envelopes (ang pao) to children on Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve because it will prolong their life.

“It is believe that giving money to kids in red envelopes adds years to the age of the elders,” he added.