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US told to get ready for repeal of VFA

President Duterte has told the United States to prepare to leave the Philippines and the eventual abrogation of the Visiting Forces Agreement.

Duterte’s remarks came after the US decided not to renew a major financial aid package to the Philippines channeled through its Millennium Challenge Corp. due to concerns about human rights violations in the ongoing war against drugs in the country.

“If we are a country that is very dangerous,” the President said in his arrival statement at the Davao City International Airport upon his return from his state visits to Cambodia and Singapore late Friday night.

“If you think that there is crime there because we execute people, if you think that there is extrajudicial killing here…So why are you here?”
“What is your purpose in this Visiting Forces Agreement?” he added. “So why don’t you just leave.”

According to Duterte, the Philippines does not need financial aid coming from the US because China already expressed its willingness to provide whatever the money the country needs.

“So, ba-bye America and work on the protocols that would eventually move you out from the Philippines,” he said. “We are glad that we are freed from proving anything to the United States.”

As far as he is concerned, it is tit for tat in this particular case. “If you can do this, so can we,” said Duterte. “It ain’t a one-way traffic.”

The President noted that the US cannot seem to recognize the “awesome enormity and the hugeness of the problem of how to treat four million addicts.”

“To me I have a burden of building a nation, continuing with existence,” he said.

Instead of even helping with the medicines of these drug dependents at the outset, the US just “went ahead to shout about human rights.”

“You seem to keep a blind eye and insist on human rights,” Duterte said. (Roy C. Mabasa)

  • Cloe

    layas na kayo US

    • cris.tore

      hindi naman nkakatulong sa bansa natin ang presidente natin ngayon!

      • Charlotte

        walng kwenta ang tulad mo!

  • terb

    bye bye america

    • maring ilongs

      hahaha tama kaya nman natin na wla sila eh

  • victor arches

    Ayan.., you brainless Americans asked for it – by your repeated attacks on Pareng Digong’s war on illegal drugs and threats of withdrawal of aid and assistance, you brought upon yourselves the prospective abrogation of the VFA, EDCA, and the banishment of your military presence in the entire Philippines, at a time when China is reportedly installing anti-aircraft guns and anti-missile systems on all 7 of the artificial islands it has built in the South China Sea.

    And Pareng Digong has confirmed that he will NOT take issue with China on this matter. What happens now to your planned “Pivot to Asia”? DOWN THE DRAIN. That’s the price you pay for listening to the anti-Duterte crowd, hook, line and sinker. I now ask you: Was it worth it?

  • rOn_NiE

    lumayas na kayo na US

    • jhayzel

      wla kayong puwang sa pinas kayong US hindi namin kayo kaialngan!

  • spoiledbrat

    hayaan nalang natin ang disisyon ang presidente

  • agila22

    ,ginagawa lang ng pangulo ang dapat at nararapat sa ating bansa