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AFP launching new drive vs state foes

The Armed Forces of the Philippines will launch a new campaign plan to defeat the enemies of the state next month.

Marine Col. Edgard A. Arevalo, chief of the AFP Public Affairs Office, said AFP Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Eduardo Año will lead the launching of the campaign plan that will also focus on nation building.

Arevalo said the AFP, together with other government agencies, crafted the campaign plan.

“We will be implementing the new campaign plan starting January 2017. But there will be no formal launching. The CSAFP is expected to announce it in his anniversary speech,” Arevalo said. Ano will reveal the name of the campaign plan during the AFP Foundation Day tomorrow.

However, Arevalo said he has yet to see a copy of the campaign plan that will replace the internal peace and security plan “Bayanihan” that took effect on January 1, 2010.

“I was able to attend the initial presentation of the technical working group and at that time it was still work in progress that’s why it’s hard to give more details (about it) because I don’t know what were discuss then. But in a nutshell what we can say is it’s about the role of the AFP will perform in nation building,” Arevalo said.

“It’s not a policy. It is, well, a plan with the intention to defeat the enemies of the state, the ones who are threats to national security. It’s a blue print. A campaign plan,” Arevalo added.

Arevalo said the actual name of the campaign plan might be known next month. “Maybe there is already a name but I cannot answer it right now because I haven’t seen the final paper,” he said. (Francis T. Wakefield)