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Electoral College affirms Trump win

The Electoral College affirmed Donald Trump as the 45th US president on Monday as electors across the country rejected a bid by a group of Democrats to spark a rebellion and overturn the November 8 election results.

Trump surpassed the 270 electoral votes needed to claim the presidency when electors in Texas cast their ballots.

The 538 Electoral College members gathered in legislative chambers, secretary of state offices and state libraries to cast the ballots that send the billionaire businessman and first-time politician to the White House. Those votes will be counted formally and announced January 6 during a joint session of Congress in Washington, two weeks before the presidential inauguration.

Trump celebrated his Electoral College victory on Twitter — and by taking a shot at the media in the process.

Donald Trump protestors demonstrate outside the Pennsylvania Capitol Building before electors arrive to cast their votes on Monday in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Photo: AFP

Trump has tweeted, “We did it!”

He thanked his supporters while noting he “just officially won the election (despite all of the distorted and inaccurate media).” (Bloomberg)