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3 actresses provide ‘extra service’

JUST A THOUGHT: “A smart person will give you smart answers, but a wise person will ask you smart questions.”

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CALLING CHARLIE’S ANGELS: ‘They’re funnier than Charlie’s Angels,’ declared director Chris Martinez when told by a reporter that his new film, Extra Service, reminds of the adventures of, well, yes, Charlie’s Angels.

The parallelism isn’t unexpected.

Extra Service, a sexy action-adventure film casts three sexy women in the role of crime-busting secret agents. It is Star Cinema’s 2017 opener for the New Year.

Chris Martinez is known for his quirky and irreverent films such as Here Comes The Bride and Kimmy Dora And The Kyemeng Prequel as well as the ground breaking indie flick Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank.

Extra Service brings together Coleen Garcia, Arci Munoz, and Jessy Mendiola, three of the hottest actresses in the industry today.

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MASAHISTA BY DAY: The film is centered on the amazing adventures of the three women, who are mild-mannered massage therapists by day and sexy secret agents by night.

As the crime fighting #SexySquad, the three embark on a top-level secret mission to retrieve the precious “Perlas Ng Silangan.”

Playing their equally sexy male counterparts are hotties themselves: Ejay Falcon, Enzo Pineda, and Vin Abrenica.

Extra Service is showing in all cinemas nationwide starting January 11. The comedy also stars seasoned comedy actresses Tessie Tomas and Carmi Matin.

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EXTRA TITLE: By the way, did you notice? The title Extra Service is rather new to Star Cinema territory. Back in the day, Extra Service connoted sexy drama, the type produced by small film outfits then that specialized in bold films, quickies with unknown starlets.

But, then of course, Extra Service is co-produced by Starlight Films and Star Cinema. (NESTOR CUARTERO)