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Eat these food for holiday luck

Two days before Christmas Day, a feng shui expert has encouraged the public to serve eight to 12 kinds of dishes or food on Christmas Day for luck, happiness, and abundance during the holiday season.

“If you cannot serve 12 kinds of dishes, eights kinds would be okay. As much as possible, there should be plenty of food on the Christmas table,” said Master Hanz Cua in an exclusive interview in Mandaluyong City.

The first food to be considered on the table is fish which he said symbolizes abundance. “There is this saying that when we serve fish on Christmas Day, we would be able to save money throughout the year,” said Cua.

The second food is “lechon” or roast pork, he said. “Pork symbolizes abundance. If you cannot afford lechon, pork liempo or pork chop is fine. Ham is pork.”

Noodle dishes like spaghetti or pancit symbolize long life and longer relations among family members, he said.

“We can also serve 12 fruits which symbolize the 12 months of the year. Let’s include apple, papaya, suha, and other fruits that’s good for cleansing our body,” added Cua.

Cake represents happiness. “It’s the birthday of our Lord that’s why we have to be happy,” Cua said.

Sweets like candies and other sticky rice delicacies symbolize closeness and harmony among family members.

Yang Chao or friend rice represents success and abundance while fried signifies prosperity, Cua said.

He said that the public should wear red for luck on Christmas Day. “Let’s invite our friends and relatives to our home on Christmas Day to bring happiness and good relations. Avoid fighting with our family members because it is not lucky,” said Cua.