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Rody trust rating still ‘excellent’

President Duterte got a lower net trust rating but remained “excellent” in the fourth quarter Social Weather Stations survey.

In the nationwide survey conducted from December 3 to 6 with 1,500 respondents, 81 percent of Filipinos expressed “much trust” in Duterte, nine percent with “little trust,” and 10 percent “undecided.”

This is equivalent to a net trust rating of +72, which is lower than the President’s +76 (83 percent “much trust” and eight percent “little trust”) net rating in the third quarter SWS survey conducted last September.

SWS terminology for net trust ratings are +70 and above, “excellent;” +50 to +69, “very good;” +30 to +49, “good;” +10 to +29, “moderate;” +9 to -9, “neutral;” -10 to -29, “poor;” -30 to -49, “bad;” -50 to -69, “very bad;” and -70 and below “execrable.”

Duterte’s lower net rating can be attributed the 11 point drop in his trust rating in Metro Manila from +76 to +65. It also fell by seven points in Mindanao from +92 to +85 percent and by four points in the Visayas from +73 to +69 in Mindanao.

His trust rating in the rest of Luzon stayed at +69.

Among socio-economic classes, Duterte’s trust rating belonging to the upper-to-middle Class ABC was +59, which is 13 points lower than the +72 he got three months ago.

Among Filipinos belonging to Class D or the “masa,” Duterte got a rating of +73, lower than the +78 he previously received. The President’s rating in the poorest Class E rose five points to +72. (Ellalyn B. de Vera)