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Farmer beheads driver

CALAPAN CITY, Oriental Mindoro – a 38-year-old farmer is now languishing in jail after he killed the former live-in-partner of his brother and beheading an innocent driver recently in Pinamalayan town.

Oriental Mindoro Police Provincial Office (PPO)provincial director Senior Superintendent Christopher C. Birung identified the suspect as Victor Gaca while his victims were Merly A. Gutierrez, 32 and Resty Pinto.

Investigation showed that Gaca was able to join the drinking session of Pinto and one Honesto Luna, said to be the current live-in partner of Gutierrez, inside the residence of Luna.

After downing bottles of gin, Gaca was able to get hold of a bolo and tried to hack Luna who was able to avoid the attack.

Gaca’s swing however hit Pinto, allowing Luna to run away from harm. Gaca then vented his ire on Pinto who ended up being beheaded by the suspect.

Gaca then went on to hack and kill Gutierrez who was two-months pregnant.

The suspect is now in the custody of the local police. (Jerry J. Alcayde)