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Town has 1st Christmas tree after 156 years


NORZAGARAY, Bulacan – For its 111,348 residents, this year’s Christmas will turn out to be historical of sorts as this sleepy town will have its first-ever Christmas tree displayed in front of its municipal hall after 156 years.

It took a childhood dream of its incumbent mayor Geronimo Cristobal, Jr. to fulfill what is actually a normal occasion around the country and that is having a Christmas tree display in most if not all cities and municipalities.

“When I was a child, I kept asking myself why there was no Christmas tree in our municipality? So I told myself someday, If I become mayor, I will make sure that the people can see a big Christmas tree here,” said Cristobal, Jr.
Apart from it being the tallest in all of Bulacan, the 50-foot tree has spurred local officials to light up its surroundings located at the Armando Enriquez Park.

“People from our 13 barangays and nearby provinces go to the park where they can relax in holiday mood,” added Cristobal, Jr.