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NDF: NPA won’t give up arms

DAVAO CITY – The New People’s Army (NPA), the armed wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), should be strengthened and keep its arms even after a comprehensive peace agreement is signed between the government (GRP) and the National Democratic Front (NDF).

During the CPP’s 48th anniversary celebration, National Democratic Front (NDF) senior adviser Luis Jalandoni said that the revolutionary forces can be a “co-founder” in the People’s Federal Republic of the Philippines and can take an active role in implementing major reforms in the socioeconomic programs, including health and educational reforms.

President Duterte has been pushing for a shift to a federal and parliamentary form of government from a unitary type, this being his campaign promise that will balance out distribution of wealth to the poorer provinces of the country, most especially in Mindanao.

Jalandoni added that the NPA can even take part in the national defense and emphasized the revolutionary forces can assist the government forces in thwarting threats against the country as well as tapping them to protect the rights of the Lumads and the Moro people.

“Kapag nagkaroon ng comprehensive peace agreement, ang NPA will continue to defend the massrs in the programs of the land reform, national industrialization, environmental protection, and national defense,” he said.

The NPA, he said, can help ensure that the gains of the peace negotiations with the government will be protected and well implemented. (ANTONIO COLINA)