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Filipino inventor develops e-crackers


A Filipino inventor has developed electronic firecrackers (e-firecrackers) that can be used as an alternative to the traditional firecracker in the New Year celebration.

Inventor Francisco “Popoy” Pagayon said the canon-type and trumpet-type E-firecrackers deliver the same thrill as a traditional firecracker as one as to light its thermosuit ignited by the same compound found in lighters.

Pagayon said the e-firecrackers emit only lights and sound as loud as the Judas’ Belt. “No smoke. Harmless and safe.

Unique. Proudly made in the Philippines,” he said.

“Ang ikinaganda niya ay hindi ito delikado. You get the same thrill na magsisindi ka ng paputok pero harmless siya, only sound and light para safe,” Pagayon said.

Pagayon said one can repeatedly use the e-firecrackers as they only need to be plugged to an electric source unlike the traditional firecrackers that have to be disposed after one lighting.

The e-firecracker’s sound lasts 30 to 60 seconds and it can be lighted again after a rest of 15 seconds.

E-firecrackers have three designs at present – “Boy,” a small canon-type unit which was named after Department of Science and Technology Secretary Fortunato “Boy” de La Pena; “Digong,” also a cannon-type unit which is bigger than “Boy”; and “Trump,” a trumpet-type unit.

According to Pagayon, e-firecrackers last at about five to 10 years. Boy costs P3,500; Digong costs P12,000, and Trump is P8,500.