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Firecracker-related cases up in Manila

Manila has emerged as the city with the highest number of firecracker-related injuries in National Capital Region (NCR) as of yesterday morning, the same day the city government expressed hope for lesser number of firecracker casualties.

Data from the Department of Health showed that Manila, as of 6 a.m. yesterday, two days before the New Year’s Day celebration, has already recorded a total of 27 firecracker-related injuries.

The figure was 43 percent of the total firecracker-related injuries in Metro Manila.

This was reported after Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada expressed that the city can expect a lesser number of individuals injured due to firecrackers.

During the last three years, the firecracker and burn injuries in the city have been declining, the Manila Health Department (MHD) said.

MHD chief Benjamin Yson said there were about 700 firecracker and burn injuries tallied in 2013; 500 in 2014; and 300 in 2015.

However, reminders and information on the effects of firecrackers, if not being handled properly, are still being disseminated to the residents.

Manila Police District (MPD), on the other hand, reminded the public to keep their children away from firecrackers.

Earlier, MHD also asked drunkards to restrain themselves from lighting up firecrackers to prevent accidents. (Betheena Kae Unite)