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Indoor air pollution worse than outdoor

Indoor air pollution is worse than outdoor air, according to an article in The Green Magazine, a science publication circulated in the United States and Canada.

Citing results of a research by the US Environmental Protection Agency, Helke Ferrie, a science writer, said one cause of indoor air toxicity are gas appliances which produce carbon as well as nitrogen monoxide, a reddish-brown gas with acrid odor.

The article headlined “Stop Cooking with Gas” said nitrogen monoxide is more prevalent at home and at work place than outside the homes.

According to the report, the research showed conclusively that nitrogen monoxide inhibits respiration by attacking the mucous membrane of the lungs, decreasing brain activity by interfering with the transport of oxygen. This causes oxidation of unsaturated fatty acid of cell membrane.

People most at risk are those with reduced cardiovascular activity, children and elderly, those with asthma, and even healthy individuals. Others are at risk through chronic exposure even at low levels.

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