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Trust me, says Duterte


President Duterte has urged Filipinos to trust him in the war against drugs that he vowed to vigorously pursue until the last day of his term.

In separate television interviews on Thursday, Duterte admitted that the campaign against illegal drugs seems impossible to win because of the magnitude of the problem.

But Duterte stressed it is doable.

He said that he has six years in office and if he is not removed as President or if he does not die before the end of his term, he will not stop until the last drug pusher is out of the streets and the last drug lord is killed.

Duterte showed his thick list of drug personalities and was asked the risks that the public may face as he continues to wage his war on drugs, Duterte replied: “Trust me.”

Asked further what if it goes out of hand and push policemen to just kill every pusher at the cost of so many lives, Duterte said: “You elected me as President. You must have trust in me.”

“When I say that it’s time to lift it, I will lift it. I have no personal stake here, I do not even know them,” he added. (Elena L. Aben)