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Be happy

Aren’t your best pictures the ones in which you wear a beautiful smile? Presentable clothes and a good posture are important to make a person look good, but a smile makes his/her appearance even better!

A happy disposition is not merely for aesthetic appeal. Studies found that being happy and optimistic contribute largely to good health and long life.

An interesting research on autobiographies from 180 nuns found that those who had happy diary entries lived 10 years longer than those whose entries were “mostly negative or neutral”.

There was “a very strong association between positive emotional content in autobiographies written in early adulthood and longevity 6 decades later”. (Danner, et al)

When people are happy, they tend to radiate positive vibrations that those around them inevitably catch, so both become inspired and focused on their tasks. In one interview, Lisa Macuja – Elizalde once asked an artist, “How many landscapes do you finish in a year?” to which the latter replied, “It depends on my mindset. If I’m very energetic, I tend to accomplish one after another”.

On the other hand, negative emotions like loneliness, fear, anger and envy distract people from fulfilling their tasks. Dwelling on such negative emotions affect school/work performance, social and personal relationships, and may also lead to vices. Harboring negative thoughts and feelings have lasting and damaging effects, so guard your heart and mind.

Smile more often. Count your blessings, and do positive, worthwhile things that will make you happy even if (and specially when) you are going through something.

They say tomorrow is not promised and only today is ours. Spread good vibes! One of the most effective ways to become happy is to make another person happy. Like kindness, it boomerangs! Be the reason someone smiles and thanks God today! Have a healthy, happy, fruitful and long life!

Marilyn Arayata: inspirational author, columnist and speaker, your partner in preventing bullying, depression and suicide. E-mail inspire.equip@gmail.com. Like the Hope Boosters Facebook Page for nuggets of hope and inspiration
(Marilyn C. Arayata)