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Sheryl, Manilyn, Tina reunite in TV series


JUST A THOUGHT: “The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.” – Michaelangelo

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TRIPLETS REUNITE IN NEW SERIES: A dream come true is how the Triplets, the 90s trio of Sheryl Cruz, Manilyn Reynes, and Tina Paner, consider their reunion project, “Meant to Be,” on GMA.

GMA Network rolls this romantic drama series in January 2017 topbilled by Barbie Forteza with not one, not two, but four leading men.

The trio of Sheryl, Manilyn, and Tina lead the senior cast of the forthcoming series.

Playing Barbie’s leading men are Ivan Dorschner, Addy Raj, Jak Roberto, and Ken Chan.

Their casting provides a fresh angle to the rom-com series.

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STARS OF THE 90s: Sheryl, Manilyn, and Tina were the leading teen stars of the 90s. They starred in films, TV shows, and recorded hit songs.

Thirty years after they established themselves as stars in their own right, they express excitement at working together again.

Much has changed for the three friends and former rivals. They have become wives and mothers. Sheryl lived for some years in the US while Tina settled in Spain.

Among the three, it was only Manilyn who stayed in Manila to continue her career. She has since evolved into a fine actress and comedian.

Despite the distance, the three women claim they’ve remained close through the years.

“Hindi pa rin naputol ‘yung friendship namin. And your friends will always remain friends lalo na kapag nasa loob ng puso n’yo ang bawat isa,” said Sheryl.

* * *

MEANT TO BE TOGETHER: In “Meant to Be,” Manilyn plays Amelia, Barbie’s mother and twin sister of Suzy (Tina).
Amelia is separated from her husband, played by Keempee de Leon.

Tina has a daughter, Mika de la Cruz. Meanwhile, Sheryl plays Ivan’s mother, a magazine editor who’s quite hard on her son. (NESTOR CUARTERO)