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‘Mang Kepweng Returns’ is comedy and more

DIGONG FRIENDS – At the presscon of the Vhong Navarro starrer, “Mang Kepweng Returns,” it was a pleasure to see Ramon Salvador after a long while. He’s the supervising producer of the movie, hopefully signaling his return to showbiz.

For many years, Ramon produced for Viva and other studios the films of his younger brother Phillip.

Speaking of Phillip, how is the multi-awarded actor? Ramon said that Ipe is taking it easy while waiting for movie-TV assignments. In the meantime, he is at the “beck and call” of President Duterte, a friend of long standing of the brothers Salvador.

Ramon disclosed that Ipe often represents the resident in social and civic functions, like weddings and birthdays.

Asked if Ipe is being considered for a government post, Ramon said he has no idea. But having known the President when he was mayor of Davao, they are no longer surprised at his “mind-blowing” words. “Ganyan talaga si Digong.”

Ramon smiled.

AND MORE – Originated by Chiquito in the late ‘70s, Vhong’s “Mang Kepweng” is comedy and more. It has elements of fantasy, horror, adventure, and even romance. As the folk healer Mang Kepweng, Vhong’s leading lady is sexy Kim Domingo, known as the “meet and greet” girl. Yes, guys of all ages and statures are eager to know Kim better.

Aside from the varied genres, “Mang Kepweng returns” boasts of an armada of stars in lead and guest roles.

Cannes best actress Jaclyn Jose plays Vhong’s mother. Other important parts are portrayed by Louise de los Reyes, Sunshine Cruz, Juancho Triviño, James Blanco, Valeen Montenegro, Pen Medina, Jhong Hilario, Jackie Rice.

As for the guest roles, they are too many to enumerate here.

DANCER – Vhong Navarro was first noticed as a dancer, belonging to The Streetboys managed by director Chito Roño. In no time, Vhong graduated to acting, especially in the “Spirit Warriors” films directed by Chito and produced by Regal.

But Vhong never forgot his dancing skills, showing them off on television every now and then. He admires Chiquito not only for his comedy but also for his dancing. Vhong says it’s an honor and pleasure to follow in the footsteps of Chiquito.

After “Mang Kepweng,” Vhong hopes to do a Dolphy film, great comedian and yes dancer. In fact, he was supposed to do “Facifica Falayfay.” It didn’t push through, but Vhong believes sooner or later he’ll revive a Dolphy character on the big screen.