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Sari-Sari specializes in thriller-horror genre

JUST A THOUGHT: “Nothing is really over until the moment you stop trying.” – Brion Dyson

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ALTERNATIVE PROGRAMMING: In this day of large scale network war, one cable channel chooses the road less taken.

It goes on an alternative programming mode.

This is SARI SARI channel, one of the newest entertainment channels in the country.

SARI SARI is a joint venture between TV5 Network, through Cignal Digital TV and Viva Entertainment. It was launched Aug. 15, 2015 with a mixed bag of new, original films and a package of mini-series, all produced by Viva and starring homegrown artists.

SARI SARI is fast becoming the channel of choice for those who appreciate exceptional Filipino entertainment, says Viva Channel Manager Denise Sison. To make a difference, the channel specializes in thriller-horror genre.

Among the programs in its current and forthcoming line-up are: “Class 3C Has a Secret,” “Barrio Kulimlim,” “Dalawang Gabi,” “Frenemies in Love,” “Mariposa,” “The Mysterious Case of Ana Madrigal,” “From the Beautiful Country,” “Wives of House No.2,” “Where is Franco?”

Note how refreshingly intriguing these titles are.

The latest offering of SARI SARI is “10 Signatures to Bargain with God” starring young Viva talents Shy Carlos and AJ Muhlach. The story revolves around Risa (played by Shy), a career-driven, 21-year old account executive who was living her dream until she was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer. She makes an unusual bargain with God and in the process, reconnects with her loved ones and strives to secure their signatures as part of her bargain.

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Here are some of the shows to watch out for on SARI SARI in 2017:

Ha-Pi House: A home away from school for five single half-Pinoys and Pinays, born and raised overseas, who came to the Philippines to discover their Pinoyroots. Stars Fabio Ide, Ali Khabiti, Prince Stefan, Empoy Marquez, Candy Pangilinan, Katrina Rodriquez, Phoebe Walker, and Karen Toyoshima.

Red Envelope: Seven people, seemingly at random, receive a red envelope which contains a note with a Latin word referring to one of the seven deadly sins. Find out what connects them to the deadly sins, and why these would lead to their untimely demise. Stars Meg Imperial, Ping Medina, Alwyn Uytingco.

Class 3C Has a Secret 2: The dreadful game of death continues as the new school year opens. (NESTOR CUARTERO)