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Cesar dreams big for tourism sector


JUST A THOUGHT: “Never was anything great achieved without danger.” – Niccolo Machiavelli

* * *

One of his dreams, newly appointed chief operating officer of the Tourism Promotions Board Cesar Montano said, is to attract more foreign film companies to shoot movies in the Philippines.

He has in mind the transformation of a part of Subic into a set of sound studios for this purpose.

The award-winning actor-director has been meeting with people from the travel and tourism sector to familiarize himself with ground level conditions. Days before he was named COO, Cesar was spotted at the Christmas party of NITAS, or the Network of Independent Travel Agencies.

NITAS leaders promised to support Montano in his new assignment.

Cesar also graced the Christmas party of TPB at the Century Park Sheraton Hotel days after. He expressed excitement at having to promote the Philippines in an official capacity. In his on-screen and off-screen activities, Cesar has been vocal about his love of country and our wealth of natural resources.

Will government work take away Cesar completely from acting?

Not really. He said that he can still do films every once in a while. Cesar is currently in pre-prod for his next epic film, the life of Mindanao’s Sultan Kudarat. (NESTOR CUARTERO)