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World’s biggest flash drive


Computer memory manufacturer Kingston has announced two models in its new Ultimate Generation Terabyte range of DataTraveler USB 3.1 flash drives, weighing in at 1TB and 2TB apiece.

The 2TB drive’s storage equates to up to 70 hours of 4K video (at 30 frames per second,) according to Kingston Digital, over 25,000 24 megapixel photos, or over 50,000 MP3 music tracks.

Measuring 72mm by 26.94mm by 21mm, the drives are chunkier than most in the USB storage sector, but smaller than external hard drive equivalents.

No price guidance was supplied within Kingston’s January 3 announcement, but the company’s 1TB USB flash drive, launched at CES 2013, retailed for upwards of $1,200. (AFP)