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Black Nazarene devotees urged to wear IDs

Devotees of the Black Nazarene are being encouraged to wear an ID (identification card) when they attend the “Traslacion” or procession on January 9.

Quiapo Church officials particularly directed the advice to parents who are bringing their children to the annual event, which draws millions of devotees.

“In case that they cannot avoid bringing their children, make sure they have proper identification,” Father Douglas Badong, parochial vicar of Quiapo Church, said in a press briefing for Traslacion 2017.

Reports of missing children are very common during the procession.

Badong said adults should also wear an ID in case of emergency.

“We encourage all devotees to wear ID in case they need to be brought to a hospital, it would be easier to identify them and contact their relatives,” he said.

Those who are sick, pregnant Badong said are being discouraged from joining the procession.

According to the church official, since the procession usually lasts for long hours it is best that devotees prepare for the occasion.

“Our advice to those attending especially the devotees to prepare mentally, physically, and spiritually. Don’t go there not prepared. Let’s say you didn’t rest or sleep and then you’ll go there, you might collapse,” he said.

“Make sure also that you eat because with the crowd it will be very difficult to go in and out of Luneta and the different routes of the procession,” added Badong. (Leslie Ann G. Aquino)