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Vargas urges ‘accountability’ for athletes’ performance

TAGAYTAY CITY – Association of Boxing Alliances of the Philippines (Abap) Ricky Vargas made a good account of himself Friday, urging fellow sports leaders to “take accountability” over the performance of their athletes in the international arena.

Instead of pointing fingers, accusing the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) and the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) often for their failures, Vargas said during the PSC Directional Meeting that it is the NSA that should take the bullet.

“I am a believer of accountability,” said Vargas, who was disqualified from running as president of the POC last year owing to a technicality.

“The NSA is accountable for preparation and answerable to performance,” said Vargas, who was joined in the meeting by his executive director Ed Picson and basketball chief Al Panlilio.

The presence of Vargas, Picson and Panlilio, who sat side-by-side during the two-day event taking place at Tagaytay Highlands was a sight to behold as other NSA leaders watched and listened intently as Vargas stressed his point.

Vargas even encouraged the PSC “to take the lead” in meeting NSA leaders and the POC to determine the direction of an NSA as “there is no clear accountability” as to who takes credit and who takes the blame.

Still, Vargas could not help but express his disappointment over the decision of Malaysia to scrap women’s boxing and two events in the men’s class in the Southeast Asian Games in Kuala Lumpur this August.

The two events in the men’s division include those of two-time SEAG titleholder lightweight Charly Suarez (60 kg.) and welter Felix Eumir Marcial (69 kg.), two gold medal bets during the Aug. 19-31 sportsfest.

“The POC should have fought for us even to the point of going to the IOC (International Olympic Committee),” said Vargas.

“In an ideal situation, the PSC should enable, the POC should facilitate and the NSA should perform.”