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Another Reid on the rise

Those who can’t get enough of James Reid should rejoice with another ‘Reid’ entering Philippine show business.

No, we’re not talking about Lauren, James’ sister who is into modelling; it’s Jack, the youngest Reid, who, like older brother James, is into acting.

In an interview, the 18-year-old shared how James figured in the whole thing.

“James was doing ‘Diary Ng Panget,’ that time,” Jack said. “He asked me to come to the Philippines and study here instead.”
Unfortunately, Jack had a hard time finding a school, prompting him to eventually try his luck in showbiz instead.

He takes inspiration from his brother’s success.

“I’d been inspired since his stint on ‘PBB (Pinoy Big Brother)’ but I believe I really have a lot to work on to become an actor of his caliber,” Jack said.

Not that he has decided to forego schooling. The young actor is planning to take up a business course.

Baby steps
Jack wants to be good in Tagalog and soon. “I am taking Tagalog lessons at the moment. I really hope to improve on that aspect fast,” he said.

Acting-wise, Jack wants to try rom-coms for now. He is also eyeing the possibility of being in a love team though he doesn’t have anyone in particular in mind.

So what’s James advice to him, we asked.

“To just be myself,” he said.

While comparison with James in inevitable, Jack has no worries.

He said, “I’ll use it as inspiration to try and do better.”

Jack dismissed the notion he will simply be like James.

“No, I’ll prove I have what it takes and step far from his shadows.” (Regina Mae Parungao)