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NBI waits for probe request from stray bullet victim’s family

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) yesterday said it cannot meddle with the probe on the death of a 15-year-old stray bullet victim in Malabon until the family demands a formal request to look into the case.

However, NBI Death Investigation Division (NBI-DID) Chief Romy Lim said they had already initiated an initial parallel probe on the death of Emelyn Calano, who was hit in the head by a bullet last Dec. 31. This, he explained, is in compliance with an order from the NBI director to look into cases such as this.

The division sent agents on Wednesday when Calano was declared dead to gather initial reports.

For the meantime, DID is waiting for the result of the autopsy before conducting an official probe “to avoid meddling or bypassing the investigation conducted by the police,” Lim said.

According to Lim, they do not want to launch an investigation until the family seeks their help.

If the result is already on hand, NBI-DID said they will trace the bullet’s trajectory and the possible position of the victim when she was hit.

They will also determine the kind of bullet that struck the victim.(Betheena Kae Unite)