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‘Ilawod’ offers a good scare


JUST A THOUGHT: The moment you think of a joke is the best moment. – Judd Apatow

* * *

GOOD SIDE OF MMFF 2016: Horror film Ilawod was originally intended as an entry to the 2016 MMFF.

Unfortunately, its filming met up with a series untoward events that delayed production.

“We met up with typhoons,’’ says director Dan Villegas, who shifts from familiar territory, romantic comedy, to horror via Ilawod.

Villegas thanks the MMFF for opening the eyes of viewers to the wider range of Philippine cinema. He thinks the groundbreaking achievements of the last filmfest can help propel films like Ilawod to success, here’s hoping.

* * *

ILAWOD MEANS DOWNSTREAM: What, in heaven’s name, is ilawod?

Screenwriter Yvette Uy Tan says it’s the Tagalog term for downstream. Its opposite is ilaya, which means upstream.

I’m 100 per cent Tagalog, from Batangas, but this is the first time I am hearing of ilawod. Well, I say, let it be.

* * *

A FAMILY POSSESSED: Collaborators Yvette and director Dan Villegas tell the familiar story of possession in Ilawod (Quantum Films and company).

This time, an entire family is possessed by elementals accidentally brought home from a trip by the father of the house, played by Ian Veneracion.

Ian happens to be a reporter covering the supernatural for an online website.

The actor’s character is a representation of Yvette, who is in real life, a well-known writer of horror stories. She has two books on the genre, one of which won a Palanca.

* * *

DOUBLE EXPOSURE FOR IAN AND IZA: Playing husband and wife in Ilawod are Ian Veneracion and Iza Calzado.

What perfect timing that they also play a couple in A Love To Last, new teleserye that opened on ABS-CBN on January 9. Ilawod opens in theaters on January 18.

* * *

IZA, ETHEREAL ACTRESS: Ilawod isn’t the first time Iza Calzado is seen in a horror film.

She has done quite a number of them. She could actually be the genre’s poster girl.

I think Ms. Calzado attracts roles in horror films because of that certain ethereal quality that she exudes. That’s aside, of course, from her natural talent as an actor. (NESTOR CUARTERO)