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‘Across the Crescent Moon’: Meaningful action-drama

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“ACROSS the Crescent Moon” is meaningful action-drama, tackling problems facing the country, including human trafficking and differences in religious beliefs. The crescent moon symbolizes island faith, while cross personifies Christianity.

Human trafficking is rampant in the South — men, women, and children are trafficked for sexual exploitation and forced labor.

Matteo Guidicelli portrays the dedicated and brave Muslim soldier who fights criminality, married to an enlightened Christian girl (Alex Godinez, in an introductory role).

Co-starring in “Across the Crescent Moon” are Christopher de Leon and Sandy Andolong as the Muslim parents of Matteo and Gabby Concepcion and Dina Bonnievie as the Catholic parents of Alex.

Written and directed by Baby R. Nebrida, “Across the Crescent Moon” does not pass judgment on Muslim and Christian religions but rather shows unity in diversity. That Muslims and Christians can live in harmony and peace, as exemplified by Matteo and Alex, who fight for their love and marriage.

Bong Tan is executive producer.

Joem Bascon plays the sparring partner, the comrade in arms of Matteo as they face crime syndicates, showing their fine action forms in thrilling and suspenseful encounters on land and sea.

Also in the cast are Jerene Tan, Ku Aquino, Jerico Estregan, Sasha Tajaran, and Ivan Carapiet in a brief but powerful role.

“Across the Crescent Moon” captures the beauty of Tawi-Tawi and nearby undiscovered islands in Mindanao.