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World Slasher Cup set at the Big Dome

19 SLASHER 2 BNW copy

The rueda is ready and the historic Smart Araneta Coliseum will once again rock with intense battles among the top gamefowl breeds from all over the world in the prestigious 2017 World Slasher Cup I.

Slated Jan. 23 to Feb. 1, this year’s 9-cock invitational derby is the most awaited competition among breeders and enthusiasts.

Over 300 entries will vie for the Slasher title in the 9-day global spectacle.

Touted as the “Olympics of Cockfighting,” contenders with the finest winged-warriors will come from the US, Kuwait, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan and the Philippines.

Last year’s World Slasher Cup II champ Magno Lim tells Pit Games magazine, “That’s why I enjoy cockfighting… I’ve seen the seemingly impossible happen before my eyes. For instance, just when I begin thinking I’m about to lose my fight, something quickly changes and the referee calls it in my favor.”

The 2-cock eliminations will start on Jan. 23 for a three-day smackdown until Jan. 25. Qualifiers will then move on to the 3-cock semi-inals set on Jan. 26-29.

Individual entries with a score of 3.5 or 4 points will compete in the 4-cock pre-finals from Jan. 29- 31. Undefeated entries with a score of 4.5 or 5 points earn the chance to be named World Slasher Cup champion at the grand finals on Feb. 1.