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Yes, you can!

by Marilyn C. Arayata

“WE will rebuild… we will reinvest”, this was the assurance given by House Technology Industries PTE, Ltd., as mentioned by a government official – after a fire that razed HTI’s property and wounded dozens of employees. I liked the word “we” when I first heard it. It connotes a partnership, working together for a shared goal. It’s an acknowledgement that nobody can do it alone. “No man is an island”.

“Rebuild” is a word that not only summarizes HTI’s immediate goal. The word gives hope to its thousands of employees. Things may look bad today, but in time, they will be fine.

What tragedy are you reeling from? Genuine people admit that their lives – no matter how awesome they appear – are not perfect. Each of us has a cross. Each of us has suffered some kind of loss – including loss of family members and friends due to illnesses, tragedies, or separation. Some losses involve material things, positions, and opportunities. Just the same, there is pain involved.

We have to let go of the pains and bitterness if we ever intend to rise from the ashes, to get healed, and to begin life from a different perspective.

Our losses and hurts can be used to place ourselves in other people’s shoes. It’s because we are going through or we have survived certain battles that we can empathize with other people who are suffering whether physically, emotionally, or financially. We don’t just reflect on pain and suffering during lent if our Christian faith is genuine.How do we feel when someone is suffering? Do our words and actions kill or heal?

The world is suffering. Augustine of Hippo said, “Since you can not do good to all, you are to pay special attention to those who, by accidents of time, or place, or circumstance, are brought into closer connection with you”.

Be an agent of change or transformation. Help build and rebuild lives in the simplest ways you can. Yes, you can!

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