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Why Kris’ TV comeback is delayed


JUST A THOUGHT: “Courage is grace under pressure.” – Ernest Hemingway

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WAITING FOR KRIS’ RETURN: When is Kris Aquino returning to TV?

The question remains to be asked in the wake of Kris’ prolonged absence on the tube following her exit from ABS-CBN in 2016.

It was also foremost on the minds of entertainment editors who sat down for lunch recently with Mr. Tony Tuviera, head of APT Entertainment, who now represents the sister of former president Noynoy. In my book, Kris remains one of our better interviewers, an engaging TV host who can combine information and entertainment effectively.

Tony said that Kris’ TV comeback has yet to be happen. Wala pa, not in the near future, he explained.

Their team is still trying to design a format for Kris that may work with audiences. He admitted that it’s hard to create a new show for Kris at this point. The team is looking for something that will present Kris in a new light, apart and away from what she has done in the past.

‘The problem is, Kris has done most everything on TV, and she has been so successful in them,’ he said.

The challenge now lies in the producers to come up with a suitable format for Kris’ return.

‘We have to study our options carefully. The show might fail, tatama sa amin ’yun at sa kanya rin,’ Tony stated.

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LIKES DIGITAL MEDIA: So, how did he end up being the manager of Kris Aquino?

Tony explained that from the very start, Kris wanted to venture into digital TV work. Kris also wanted to own the work she was about to start from here on.

They didn’t talk about free TV. She said she wanted to be there first, referring to digital media.

Kris has actually started posting videos of her new journeys on social media in a You Tube channel that’s her own. It has not been sustained, however. (NESTOR CUARTERO)