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Maja: Laban kung laban

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JUST A THOUGHT: “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.” – Albert Einstein

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LABAN KUNG LABAN: Maja Salvador is unfazed that her film with Paulo Avelino, I’m Drunk. I Love You, will be clashing head-on with a Star Cinema production, My Ex and Whys, starring the more established loveteam between Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano. Both films open on February 15.

She told a recent press conference, ‘I am just glad that more movies are being made these days.’’

The drama actress said viewers have different tastes, and we should respect that.

Maja remains very much an ABS-CBN talent. She has in fact a new show that’s set to premiere on February 13, Wildflower.

She doesn’t mind being built up in the tradition of a sexy star cast in wild, wild roles.

‘I want to be known as a good actress, period, someone who can play all sorts of roles.’’

* * *

PAULO IS CO-PRODUCER: In I’m Drunk, co-star Paulo Avelino is credited as a co-producer.

The young actor’s connection with producing company TBA, a consortium among Tuko Butchi Boy and Artikulo Uno film outfits, goes deeper by the day. Paulo is set to play the titular role in the company’s next big project, the life story of Heneral Gregorio del Pilar.

As co-producer, Paulo had a hand in picking his leading lady in Im Drunk. Maja ribbed him, claiming that although she wasn’t his original choice, she gladly took on the role ‘for the sake of art.’

* * *

BEST FRIENDS IN LOVE: “I’m Drunk, I Love You,” says director JP Habac, is not your usual love story. An off- beat romantic comedy, it tackles the hilariously painful side of falling hopelessly in love.

The film tells the story of two college best friends who go on one last road trip where they settle how they really feel for each other.

The first time director is quick to stress that the film is not about whimsical romances usually played out on the big screen. Instead, it reflects the experiences of real people.

Habac says: “I’m Drunk, I Love You’ is a synthesis of stories from people within my social circles who have had the unfortunate chance of being a victim of one sided love.” (NESTOR CUARTERO)