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Maja, from stoned to wild

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JUST A THOUGHT: Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. – Lao Tzu

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WILD, WILD MAJA: First, she admits that she got really stoned while doing a scene in her Valentine film, I’m Drunk I Love You (now showing).

Next, she says she has gone wild, not wet, in her new teleserye with the titillating title, Wildflower.

What’s Maja Salvador up to these days?

The drama actress says she isn’t about to throw her cautions to the wind even as she is cast in a wild girl role in her new drama series that premiered on Monday, Feb. 13, on ABS-CBN.

She told a recent press conference, “I may be perceived by some as liberated, one who has had one boyfriend after another, but in reality, I am as simple as I can get.’’

As an addendum, she said she’s not about ready to fall in love again.

Maja admitted that playing a wild girl is contrary to her self-image. “But, I must say I so love this role, a real challenge.’’

* * *

VENGEANCE IN HER HEART: In Wildflower, Maja is Ivy, a woman out to avenge her parents’ death brought about by a powerful political clan.

The aggrieved girl returns to town years later as the seductive, powerful, and angry Ivy. Call her Poison Ivy, maybe.

She is now equipped to seek revenge against the family that wronged her family.

Wildflower also features Tirso Cruz III, Sunshine Cruz, Aiko Melendez, RK Bagatsing, VinAbrenica, Joseph Marco, Arnold Reyes, among others. (NESTOR CUARTERO)