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Enrique, Liza explain ‘no label’ relationship

Liza and EnriqueLiza and Enrique

Actors Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano, stars of hit movie “My Ex and Whys,” have joined the bandwagon of celebrities who simply do not believe in putting a label to their relationship.

“She (Liza) has a lot of priorities. She’s only 19. Maybe pag-21 na sya. We’re in a good place,” said Gil, during an interview on “Tonight With Boy Abunda” on ABS CBN.

Soberano said: “Right now I think I’m not just ready for that. But you can love without label.”

Asked why do they love each other, Gil, 24, said: Hindi ko po alam. You just can’t explain it.”

“Me too! That’s what I’m gonna say. When you love a person, you can’t tell when it starts happening unless it’s infatuation. But you can’t love somebody just by being infatuated by them. It has to go deeper than that. And you can’t really tell when it starts developing. It’s just that you just wake up one day and say ‘Oh my God. I love this person.’”

In July 2016, Gil said that he and Soberano treat each other like boyfriend-girlfriend.

“We treat each other like boyfriend-girlfriend. Yeah, we’re boyfriend and girfriend! That’s how we treat each other.

Our parents hindi naman sinabi na OK pwede na kayong maging girlfriend-boyfriend. Walang ganun. But we treat each other like we are. So parang ganun na rin! Parang it’s the same thing na rin!” said Gil, during an interview then on the late night show.

In the same interview last year, Gil was also asked about what his mom liked about Soberano. “I think she balances me out unlike the previous girls my mom met. Feeling ko ’yung ayaw ng mom ko na I do, Liza has the same pages as my mom.

It’s good to have someone who balances you. That’s what she is. Maybe that’s why my mom likes her, too!”

Star Cinema reported that the latest movie of Gil and Soberano has earned an opening day gross of P27 million. It is directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina.

It is higher than the debut-day grosses of “Everyday I Love You” (R16 million) and “Just the Way You Are” (P12 million), two films that also starred LizQuen, the same report said.

Soberano said that their latest movie was supposed to titled “Seven Minutes In Heaven” but they changed it. “My Ex and Whys is catchier.”