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Forever young…and handsome

Eddie and Anabelle

FOREVER YOUNG – Eddie Gutierrez, matinee idol of the ‘60s and later an award-winning actor, seems to be forever young…and handsome.

Look, he’s already in his mid-‘70s but remains active and according to some ladies, getting even better looking with the passing of years. The salt-and-pepper hair and the few facial lines here and there give Eddie a more distinguished look, more character.

Among Eddie’s awards is a best actor for “Ikaw Pa Lang and Minahal” from the Film Academy of the Philippines, directed by Carlitos Siguion Reyna and co-starring Richard Gomez and Maricel Soriano.

FAMILY – Eddie’s blessed with having a beautiful family, wife Annabelle Rama and children Ruffa, Rocky, Elvis, the twins Richard and Raymond, and Richie Paul.

Not to mention Tonton and Monching, his sons by Liza Lorena and Pilita Corrales, respectively.

Oh yes, he’s already a grandfather, “courtesy” of Ruffa, Rocky, Elvis, Richard, Tonton, and Monching.

The cute son, Zion, of Chard and sweetheart Sarah Lahbati, is child-star material. A big hit when the boy sang and danced with Lolo Eddie during his recent birthday party.

This year, Eddie and Annabelle celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary.

Classmates at San Beda and San Sebastian (elementary and high school) say “Si Eddie walang kupas.”

CONTEMPORARIES – His contemporaries at Sampaguita include Bert Leroy, Jr., Lito Legaspi, Jose Mari (Gonzales), Vic Vargas, Ramil and Pepito Rodriguez, Bobby Vasquez.

Vic and Ramil are no longer with us. The rest are inactive in showbiz.