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Be humble

Do you know of people who are successful but are so arrogant?

Their attitude suddenly changed when they reached the peak of success, and now, it’s as if they’re now on top of the world and it’s impossible for them to make any mistakes. They feel like they are the absolute winners, while everyone else are losers.

Success many not always be good for people. Sometimes, when some people are already at the peak of their victory, their behavior changes.

In other words, they become boastful, arrogant, and self-entitled. Some of them become over-confident that they eventually make bad decisions, to the point of burning everything that they had accomplished and achieved.

I know about this couple who joined a networking business. They were blessed in the business, and in a matter of just six months, they were able to make millions. They immediately applied for a loan and mortgage to buy a brand new car and a condominium. They lived the lifestyle of the rich, despite my warning not to do so just yet, because they needed first to make sure that their income is stable and not just a flash in the pan. But, they became overconfident that their income would continue to come the way it did at that time.

True enough, after a year, the company of their networking business closed, and the owners of the company ran away with the people’s money, including the money of my couple friend. They started having a hard time keeping up with their car and condominium payments since they couldn’t get enough income each month. Their money started to deplete, up to the point that they could not even pay for their electricity bill. All their money was gone with the wind, just like that.

This is what I have discovered.

Once we taste success, we need to learn how to…

Even if we have achieved success, we need to remember where and how we all started out. We need to keep our feet planted on the ground no matter what kind of success we may have already achieved.

In other words, let us not look down on other people and make them feel bad. Just because we are doing fine in life, it doesn’t give us the license to trample on other people. Let’s remember that there was a point when we didn’t want to associate ourselves with people who looked down on us. If we’re doing it right now to other people, then we have become the very people we used to avoid.

Learn how to take good care of what you have. You have been blessed by the Lord for a reason. God chose to bless you.

We need to be able to handle well whatever it is that we have been entrusted with. Trust me, if we don’t become good stewards even with the little things, we may no longer be entrusted with the big things in the future, or worse, with anything at all.


Has God provided you with abundance? How well do you treat others when you’re on the top of success? Are you humble when success is in your hands?

“It’s better to find success through God, than finding it on one’s own merits; some who usually find their own success become boastful, where through God it’s with gratitude.” – Anthony Liccione (Chinkee Tan)