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For Adamson coach, hope still remains

Adamson’s American coach Airess Padda still believes her players can rise from a string of setbacks in the UAAP women’s volleyball competition.

The Lady Falcons are still struggling to clinch their first win after eight matches, with their recent loss coming at the expense of National University, 25-21, 25-20, 25-19, last Wednesday.

Padda said they came close to nailing that elusive triumph against NU, but their inexperience caused their downfall.

“They still haven’t grasp the idea that every point matters,” said Padda, recruited to rebuild the team’s program for the next three years.

“They were inconsistent. They don’t know how to close out the set and we still haven’t figured out how to play well and finish under pressure,” she added.

Padda, however, commended her players’ efforts against NU, adding that they played better compared to their last two matches.

“I’m happy with the effort that they gave, but what’s disappointing is that we were in a position where we can actually win the match and they didn’t take that,” Padda said.

“It was kinda like almost winning or being right there was enough for them, and for us coaches, it wasn’t enough, because we want to win,” she added.

Still, Padda remains positive of the coming matches, saying that the new rotation they experimented against NU gave them more option to toughen up their plays.

“It’s tough. Their confidence is really low right now, but the members of the coaching staff are making sure to remind them that every day is a new opportunity to get better, every game is a chance for them to improve, and every match is a chance for them to win,” Padda said.