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Marcos & Cory

RE-DEFINING EDSA from the prism of discovery and expose, distanced from colliding political colors in the extremes.

Fact checking post 1986 – Marcos and Cory:

1) The former declared Martial Law under the 1935 Constitution; Cory declared a Revolutionary Government, abrogating her constitutional “Oath of Office”, and violating her electoral mandate, trashing the 1973 Charter;

2) Pushed for a new 1973 Constitution; Established a government via “Freedom Constitution” and later 1987 Constitution;

3) Battle of Mendiola on Jan. 30, 1970 with four dead; Mendiola massacre Jan. 22, 1987 – 13 killed and Hacienda Luisita massacre – seven dead, 121 injured (32 gunshot wounds) including children;

4) Padlocked the Senate and Congress; Abolished the Batasan Pambansa with 60 Unido opposition and Prime Minister’s Office of Vice President Doy Laurel;

5) “Marcos cronies”; “Kamag-anak Inc.”;

6) Pork Barrel; Increased CDF (Countrywide Development Fund) for Senators/Congressman;

7) Electoral Fraud in the 1978, 1981 elections etc.; Original Dag-dag/Bawas in 1987 of computerized senators;

8) Human Rights abuses/salvagings; Human Rights 1986-91, 355-Desaparecidos, EJK-1,733, warrantless arrest – 7,444, Journalist killed – 34;

9) Used Presidential Decrees; Also Presidential Decree for exempting Hacienda Luisita from Agrarian Land Reform via “stock certificates”;

10) National Budget spent in 21 years – P448B with nationwide projects e.g. Cultural Center, Heart Center, Kidney Center, San Juanico and Mactan bridges etc.; Cory in six years P1.6T with overpasses in Metro-Manila as “last 2 minutes”;

11) One Military Revolt with the RAM Boys; Several RAM-SFP-You Coups;

12) Gov.t Bureacracy – 900,000 employees; Cory – 1.6 million, 34 Cabinet Sec., 188 Usecs., 900 Asecs., 50 advisers;

13) Drug addicts (1972-86) – 20,000; Cory – 480,000;

14) Threat of a declaration of a “Revolutionary government vs. the Supreme Court (SC) if it rules against martial law; SC, CA, Comelec etc. declared vacant by Cory;

15) Both 1973 and 1987 Constitutions passed by a referendum/people under duress, hence illegitimate;

16) Both buried the working “Two Party System” with “Multi-Party politics”. (Erik Espina)