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Get Ready to Tempt the Tastebuds with a Sizzle: Tokyo TokyoWagyu Burger

TOKYO TOKYO Get Ready to Tempt the Tastebuds with a Sizzle WAGYU BURGER

People love spontaneity especially when it comes to food. Never settling for a plain platter, they always look for a taste with an extra kick. They want to spearhead new sensation in flavor and variants that’s why they search for the next best thing-a premium burger that will add a little more excitement to their tastebuds.

While others eat just to keep their bodies going, or to get the hang of what’s in and trendy, most foodies agree that there is a found comfort in eating. Who wouldn’t want to bite on a juicy patty sliding out of the bun and the burger fall apart into an enormous masterpiece on the plate? All the contents cover the search of a good view and a highly-delightful taste that melts in your mouth. One’s left with nothing but a belly craving for more tasteful, premium burger.

Wanna take it into an overdrive?

Get the new Tokyo TokyoWagyu Cheeseburger – exciting and flavor- smacked Wagyu beef patty served with fresh lettuce, sliced cheese, special sauce, sandwiched to perfection in a soft, buttery brioche bun. The Tokyo Tokyo burger uses 100% locally raised Wagyu beef tempting the tastebuds with its juicy quarter pounder serving!

Wagyu is a term used for Japanese beef. It is a premium breed of Japanese cattle perfectly tinged with flavorly richness and juiciness, defining a dream burger patty.

For only P160, an indulgent, mouthwateringWagyu-goodness is now within your reach with the new Tokyo TokyoWagyu Cheeseburger. Try the new Tokyo TokyoWagyu variants like The Wagyu Cheeseburger, which is the Sensei of burgers made of 100% Wagyu Beef served with lettuce, cheese, special sauce all layered into a brioche bun.

Indulge your snack with Rising Sun for P175. The Wagyu wake-up call served with egg, onion rings drizzled with teriyaki sauce, complemented with sliced cheese, special sauce sandwiched in a brioche bun.

If you’re up for more excitement, you can also overload your tummy with Double Cheeseburger for P235, a 2-patty Wagyu masterpiece served with fresh lettuce, double sliced cheese, special sauce impeccably loaded into a brioche bun.

Tokyo TokyoWagyu Burger is undoubtedly – bursting with intense flavors and alluring twists bound to please the most demanding of tastebuds. Everyone should never miss the joyful jumble of each painstakingly selected ingredient that contributes to the greatness of the soul-satisfying Wagyu Burger!

Try the new Tokyo TokyoWagyu Burger along with an exceptional snack experience for an affordable price! Taste it to believe it!

So what are waiting for? Head down to the nearest branch and grab a bite of this premium yet affordable offering starting on March 20, 2017!