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Rats can sniff TB

So, you think rats are among the most hated, the dirtiest animals in the world?

They do have their fair share in contributing to the welfare of mankind. Believe it or not.

I read this Reuters story recently about giant rats being used to sniff out tuberculosis in Tanzania and Mozambique prisons.

According to Thomson Reuters Foundation, scientists in East Africa plan to exploit trained rats’ highly developed sense of smell to carry out mass screening for tuberculosis among inmates of crowded prisons in Tanzania and Mozambique.

To be used are African Giant Pouched Rats trained by the Belgian non-governmental organization APOPO. Said giant rats are widely known for sniffing out landmines. They are now developing a reputation in East Africa for their skill and speed at detecting TB too.

Rats are said to provide an effective mass-screening tool.

Tuberculosis is the leading cause of death, after HIV, from an infectious disease. Around the world, there are about nine million new cases a year and around two million deaths, according to the World Health Organization.

In Tanzania, as in other parts of the world, TB is most common, especially in prisons and other crowded facilities.

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