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Pinoys happy to see President

YANGON, Myanmar – Filipinos here are excited upon hearing the news that President Duterte is scheduled to undertake a visit to Myanmar’s capital today.

But Olivia Ramos de Guzman, president of Pilipinas MM, the Filipino community in Myanmar, has mixed emotions about the visit.

“Actually, I was really mixed emotions when…a lot of Filipinos here are so excited. It’s not only actually the President who’s very excited about this,” De Guzman said in an interview.

According to the Filipino community leader, she learned about Duterte’s upcoming visit from a taxi driver.

“It’s not from the Filipinos but it’s from a taxi driver,” said De Guzman. “He said, ‘You are a Filipino? President, President,’ and he showed me a newspaper saying that our President is coming. So he was very popular here in Myanmar.”

De Guzman said she has mixed emotions because at first, they were expecting that he will be in Yangon.

“But then, when we were told that it will be in Nay Pyi Taw and it will be like a five-hour drive, but still there a lot of supporters. I think they will be… they’re like 250 people are going,” she said. (Roy C. Mabasa)