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House approves 186 major bills in 83 days

The House of Representatives passed 186 significant legislative measures in the past 83 days of the 17th Congress, one of the more productive series of legislative sessions in the chamber’s history.

With at least a month-long legislative session left, the House is expected to act on the Comprehensive Tax Reform Program measure and the bill reducing the age of criminal liability as the super majority bloc makes a bid to “be instrument of change” that House Speaker Pantaleon D. Alvarez wants the chamber to be.

The 186 approved bills and adopted resolutions form part of the 794 measures processed by the House during the past 83 session days, or an average of 10 measures processed per session day, according to statistical data provided by the House Committee on Rules.

Also included in the 794 processed measures are 317 referrals of resolutions on inquiries, 283 measures substituted or consolidated, and eight measures in the Calendar of Business.

A total of 6,239 measures were filed, 5,317 of which are bills and 922 are resolutions. Moreover, 181 committee reports were filed by the different House panels. (Ben R. Rosario)