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Public warned vs dry season diseases

The Manila Health Department (MHD) has reminded people to be wary of the diseases that are common during the dry season.

Dr. Benjamin Yson, MHD chief, advised the public to take precautions against common summer illnesses such as heat stroke, sunburn and other skin diseases.

To prevent heat stroke, Yson advised the people, particularly the elderly, not to stay under the sun for too long.

If one can’t avoid exposure to the sun, the MHD chief advised wearing a hat or using an umbrella.

He also recommended drinking more water to stay properly hydrated and not to engage in excessive physical activities.

Aside from heat stroke, Yson said skin diseases are also common during summer due to the humid and hot weather.

To prevent sunburn, he said it is best to apply sunscreen before going outside.

He also cautioned Manileños, especially children, against swimming in dirty and contaminated bodies of water like the Manila Bay to avoid skin infection.

“Try to swim in a safe, secure and clean facilities like the Manila public swimming pools,” the Manila health chief said. (Cris G. Odronia)