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Lady NPA killed in clash

A female member of the New People’s Army (NPA) was killed following an encounter with goverment troops in Agusan del Norte on Saturday.

Reports said the encounter took place at Barangay Hinimbangan, Kitcharao, Agusan del Norte at about 3:45 p.m. Saturday.

The identity of the dead NPA amazon has yet to be determined but an AK-47 rifle was recovered from her.

Lt. Col. Glen Aynera of the 29th Infantry Batallion said their troops were scouring Barangay Hinimbangan when it encountered what were believed to be members of the Front 16 of the NPA.

“The NPA rebels was earlier reported by the residents to be scaring their barangay which forced the community to evacuate to the town proper,” said Aynera.

A brief firefight then erupted resulting to the death of the female NPA fighter.

Col. Cristobal Zaragoza, the Brigade Commander, directed the 29th IB to pursue the remaining members of the Front 16 of the NPA who scampered to different directions during the firefight leaving their dead comrade.
(Francis T. Wakefield)