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Rocco Nacino: A gold in jiu-jitsu

By Ruel Mendoza

Rocco Nacino

Rocco Nacino

Martial arts is the best sport for Kapuso actor Rocco Nacino.

During his teen years, Rocco tried every sport from basketball to golf. But it was martial arts training that got his interest the most.

“I get to do jiu-jitsu almost two to three times a week,” he says. “And weight training after jiu-jitsu.”

Rocco thrives on the regularity of his sport.

“I make sure that working out, or staying fit, is a lifestyle, something that I will never get tired of doing,” he says.

“It plays an important role, especially since I am an athlete and also I love to eat. So as to stay guilt-free, I make sure I work out regularly.”

His acting career is reaping the benefits of his active lifestyle.

The actor runs a boxing gym business and people naturally expect to see him in good shape all the time, he rationalizes.

“I’m very particular about what I’m eating since I’m sticking to a program for a project. But usually, it’s anything goes. When I train for jiu-jitsu, I usually lose about two kilograms every training. Sometimes, my meals are guilt-free. But now, I’m on a high-protein diet for muscle building.”

Rocco initially turned to Brazilian jiu-jitsu for self-defense.

“It started as a need during college,” says Rocco. “I was looking for an art that would keep me safe while I was commuting; as I practiced, I fell in love with the sport.”

That set up several alternatives.

“That opened my passion for martial arts. I started venturing into boxing, muay thai, arnis, wing chun and judo. But my love was for jiu-jitsu.”
The physical aspect alone is not just what drew Rocco to the sport.

“This helps in building your patience as a person. For my career as an actor, this art taught me the importance of humility towards people. Aside from that, I get to do cool moves during fight scenes,” he says, laughing.

Few people know, but Rocco won his first gold medal in 2014 in the International Jiu Jitsu Open in Japan.

“It’s true that it’s a different experience when you compete; it’s so far from training and I love the kick that I get out of it. It was an awesome experience,” he says.

Rocco is watched daily on GMA-7’s primetime telefantasya Encantadia.