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Gov’t eyes appointing barangay chairmen

As part of his campaign against narcopolitics, President Duterte is inclined to appoint honest barangay leaders instead of calling for another elections this year.

Concerned that drug-linked incumbent barangay officials may take advantage of the polls, the President said he is ready to forge a “compromise” with Church leaders and other concerned sectors in the selection of barangay leaders to weed out “shady” individuals.

Duterte earlier expressed support to the postponement of the barangay elections to prevent the victory of candidates financed by drug lords. Interior and Local Government Mike Sueno later said the President also wanted to declare the barangay positions vacant to make way for his appointees.

“We are looking for a way to appoint na lang the barangay captains but the mechanism of how to go about it, select them. I can, but you know it’s always the President who has the power to appoint,” Duterte said.
(Genalyn D. Kabiling)