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It must be the heat of summer, President Duterte and Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez making sizzling statements about affairs and mistresses, and not just their own.

Using himself as a non-typical typical example, Mr. Duterte described himself as one president with two first ladies, at least during his inauguration, then challenged his audience, asking how many of them were not into extramarital relationships. He answered his own question, “Maybe three or four.”

Speaker Alvarez, who labeled the rumors about him and a girlfriend as beauty-parlor talk, nonetheless sought understanding, if not absolution, by admitting that it’s common practice anyway among men to conduct “affair-affair[s]” even as his daughter asked all parties to stick to the issue, the issue being the Speaker’s tiff with ex-pal Rep. Tonyboy Floirendo over a banana-plantation contract with the government.

As an aside, would the two gentlemen in the House be familiar with that Chicago law firm’s advice, “Life is short, get a divorce,” or the online dating service’s ad that reads, “Life is short. Have an affair”?

Affair or unfair, what a refreshing change it was, to be caught unawares in the shift from impeachment noises and other political scandals to the sort of gossip that revolves around friends, lovers, fidelity, loyalty or the lack thereof, the sort that my masseuse understands and can eagerly, earnestly add her two centavos of commentary to.

Have we been watching too many soap operas as the scorching temperatures signal the approach of Holy Week? One title comes to mind, “Ika-6 na Utos” (The Sixth Commandment). To be fair, there are two innocent-sounding ones, though eerily similar: “Destined to be Yours” and “Meant to Be” (alas, not “Meant to be Yours”).

It will be our fate to await the next round, when we expect the ladies, including the ever keen-to-rebut VP, and those in charge of civic and religious orgs, to give “Digong” and “Bebot” a piece of their minds, if not a tongue-lashing. Be kind but fair to both, ladies, give them equal space and equal time. We want to hear more (admissions) from them. (Jullie Y. Daza)

  • nem

    mas gusto pa rin nman si alvarez kesa sa iba manahimik na lang kayo

  • liem

    sa taong tulad ni cong alvarez kahanga hanga kaya wla nman dahilan para sya ay husgahan!!

  • sean

    magaling at matalino si cong alvarez kaya wlang dahilan para sya ay hindi manatili sa kanyang posisyon

  • sarte

    saludo kami saiyo sir bebot sa pagiging matapat mong tao.

  • MATT

    totoong tao ka kasi cong alvarez kaya marami pa rin ang sumusuporta saiyo!!

  • C_M

    saludo kami saiyo alvarez sa mga ginawa mo kaya tiwala pa rin kami na hindi yan manhyayari saiyo!!

  • terb

    tiwala pa rin nman kami na hindi mangyayari yan saiyo sir bebot magaling kang lider.

  • noy

    malaki ang tiwala namin saiyo alvarez..

  • clark

    mabuti kang tao alvarez sainyo lang kami naniniwala!,

  • reyes

    walang makakapagpaalis ky mr alvarez!

  • jef

    imbes na siraan nyo si Alvarez tulungan nyo na lang dahil marami nadin syang naitulong sa administrasyon.

  • Anya Nica

    kahit anong paninira ang gwin nila ky house speaker mas marami parin ang naniniwala sa kakayahan nya.

  • Ronel

    tumigil na sa paninira ky speaker alvarez dahil hindi naman ito nakakatulong sa ating bansa.

  • jay lim

    kahit hindi naman importante ang binabato ky speaker pero pinag tutuunan parin ng pansin para matakpan ang kasalanan ng iba

  • justin andres

    haha..kahit anong gawin na paninira ky alvarez hindi naman sila mag tatagumpay..

  • nikolo

    ang daming problema ng ating bansa na dapat unahin hindi yung puputaktihin nyo si speaker ng ganitong balita.

  • iveka vasques

    kung tutuusin hindi naman dito pambabae ang issue,itigil na lang ang paninira ky Alvarez..

  • gerry jaena

    alam kasi ni speaker na ginagamit lang yang girl issue na yan para pag takpan ang kwalang hiyaan ni floirendo.