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Duterte hits US for imposing gay rights on nations

President Duterte has railed against the US State Department for making gay rights, particularly same-sex marriage, a criteria for its foreign aid allocations.

The President criticized that the US imposition of gay rights agenda on foreign nations was “convoluted” and could endanger the countries’ stability.

Such US foreign policy has been initiated by then President Barack Obama whom Duterte has strongly rebuked for forcing his views on sovereign nations.

“They went around the world, State Department offering assistance to countries which would allow same sex marriage,” Duterte told a gathering of newly sworn in government officials in Malacañang last Thursday.

“They went to Liberia, offered assistance if you want it, we’ll give you the aid but allow same-sex marriage. Because in that State Department, it is convoluted. Why? Because it is multi-racial and that will destroy the country one day,” he added.

Duterte argued that the Philippines and other foreign nations have different views and policies that must be respected.

Citing an example, Duterte said he could not allow same sex marriage in the country because it is against the law. He explained that he has nothing against gays but he must enforce the country’s law that a marriage is between a man and a woman.

“Whatever makes a human being happy, sa kanya iyan. Pero tayo may batas eh,” he said. “I cannot allow it because the family code of the Civil Code ‘yung family relations nagsabi that a marriage must be between a man and a woman so how can we allow it? Of course. May mga relatives ako na bakla. Pati nga ako noon bakla eh,” he said.

The President also unleashed anew a profanity-filled rebuke of Obama for meddling in the country’s affairs. He also found Obama disrespectful when he reprimanded him in public over the drug-related killings.

“When I became President, I was carrying the sovereignty of the nation. Who are you to chastise me? P***** i** kang Obama ka, go to hell,” he said.

“Anong asal ng Amerikano gusto nilang p****** i** nila? Anong asal na gusto nila? Because Obama was reprimanding me in public,” he said.

“Ang utak nito sisirain ang mundo nito. Maniwala kayo. ‘Yung ano niya ‘yung liberation hindi naman left, hindi naman but they wanted to impose ‘yung mga human rights,” he said. (Genalyn D. Kabiling)