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LA Santos healed by music, launches debut album

JUST A THOUGHT: “I believe every human has a finite number of heartbeats. I don’t intend to waste any of mine.” – Neil Armstrong

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Music heals the soul. A once beleaguered mother credits her son’s love for music for having helped him transition from autism to ADHD and now, as a well-functioning adult.

Florita Santos’ son is now 17, a rising singer and recording artist.

LA Santos (Lnard Antonio) launched his debut album by way of a big luncheon party at a Chinese restaurant in Quezon City recently. Between songs, the UST High School senior said his mother’s great love for him helped heal him.

He said his mother painstakingly, patiently focused on his needs. She taught him how to imitate his older siblings, play basketball with his brother.

LA, standing tall at 5-foot-11, also became an expert in guitar playing, martial arts and swimming. Pursuing these hobbies gave him focus.

Looking back, LA says it was love and family support that helped him overcome his condition.

He said he isn’t sure if he has been completely out of it, but finds joy in his music, which he also credits for helping him cope.

According to Florita, LA spoke his first word at age 6. ‘Hate late’were his first words, in reference to pizza delivery at home.

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LA Santos’ album, produced by Star Music where he is under contract, carries nine tracks, a happy mix of originals and covers.

A few of the titles are Hanggang Kailan, Tinamaan, One Greatest Love. A song entitled ‘Mine’ is LA’s own composition.

LA performed a few songs from the album at the media launch.

He also did a dance number complete with back-up dancers as he did rap. (NESTOR CUARTERO)